Who Benefits from Home Visitation?

Who Benefits?

"Every week I learn a little more about my baby's development, nutrition and my own health. I've learned coping skills that help me stay sober for another week. I get connected to a web of resources so never again do I have to feel alone."

Families that participate in the program often face multiple challenges that may place their children at risk and prevent them from developing to their full potential including some of or all of the following:

  • low income
  • social isolation
  • no family or community support
  • low education
  • family history of abuse and neglect
  • day to day living struggles
  • age and experience
  • substance abuse
  • mental health issues

Depending on the local needs and resources, some regions and programs may further prioritize their target population:

  • first born babies only
  • engage with families during pregnancy
  • engage at or after birth
  • entry into program up to the time the baby is three months
  • entry into program up to three years

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